I just got word of great news. Pantone has just named Emerald green the color of the year for 2013!


Why is this noteworthy? Well, its no secret that green is my favorite color and at Seagrass and Stone the color green is like a guiding force.  You see, for me it’s much more than just a color. Its a love affair. Its an obsession. It literally feels like a necessity in my life.

About eight years ago I remember green was suddenly the it thing in the world of fashion. Everything was kelly green and I was in heaven. The trend stuck for more than a year but has slowed down significantly. But for me it never ended and it continues to permeate all aspects of my life, in decorating,  in fashion — For goodness sakes, if the packaging of a product in a store is green I am more likely to be drawn to it! My car? Green.  And blue-greens — don’t even get me started. Turquoise, teal– those colors make me swoon. I even have a board on Pinterest dedicated to this sublime combination.


But the truth is in recent  years I have almost felt a need to keep my obsession a little under the radar. I have felt a slight embarrassment at my inability to move on,  like perhaps this means I can’t be current or relevant as a designer.

So now you can understand my joy when I discovered I can simply re-embrace my steadfast, unwavering love for a color that has helped shaped my aesthetic and defined my style.

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