Although I’ve lived most of life  in New England (and the only other portion of my life in the first England) and have had to endure the long harsh winters year after year, I never get used to it. I never give in to it. While I wish I could be one of those good spirited people who embrace the cold and take up winter sports or who love every season for its own unique blessings, I remain steadfast a lover of warm weather. My friends often don’t believe me when I say I could live without the seasons but I swear its true! Luckily, I get to visit Southern California quite a bunch as we have friends and family there and as corny as it sounds each time this strange feeling  comes over me like, I’m home. Like I was always supposed to be there.

My number one favorite thing about living in a year round warm climate: great personal outdoor spaces. And as we hit the midpoint of winter here in Boston I thought it might give those of you out there who feel similarly to me, a spirit lift to least be able to live vicariously through those folk who can lounge on a wicker chaise on their porch and drink their morning coffee, all year round.

Thanks Houzz for providing this: